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This page was the original opening page to My first web site. It was the first "index" page. This page has grown since those early days from a half page bio to what it is today, and is still growing. In the beginnings of this site I was interested, only, in putting a little bit about Me on the web. But as time went on I realized that in order to write about Me, I needed to write about all the things that make up who I am. My life is so "pistachio", that sometimes I think that when I really want to get kinky I need to have vanilla sex!

My feeling is that there are numerous web sites that have a lot of great information. And a lot of great information at numerous web sites. But with the people that I know and the things that we know, I wondered if one web site could include all of that great information and all of those reference sources about What It Is That We Do and still be entertaining? And could My site be that one?

Below, you will find a bit about Me, but be sure and visit the other pages on this site for great information and resources and other web sites, sources of information and a bit of (sometimes tragic) humor.

My Tale

I was born in 1959. I used to be extremely muscular, but it seems that my mid-life has caught up to my mid-section.  I'm about 270 pounds, 5 feet 9 inches, with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes; and I have numerous tattoos.

I have My own dungeon, with furniture I've made, including a St. Andrews cross, sub chair, spanking bench, and numerous other toys.

I am also a single tail Master with My expertise in 3 and 4 foot signal whips. I have given demonstrations and presentations on signal whips and other useful topics, nationally. I don't have a video or a pay site because I believe in the free sharing of information with the BDSM community. If your group would be interested in having Me do one of these presentations, feel free to contact me.

I was introduced to the scene while in the military. I was stationed at Homestead AFB in Florida, during the pre-Hurricane Andrew days, in the late '70s. I met a lady who had just found BDSM and we experimented.

I didn't know that there were other people like us, so I kept My interests to Myself until My first marriage.

My first wife and I also experimented mixing drugs and sex, and after the drugs started affecting the sex, we needed much more intense things just to feel the sex.

When I stopped doing the drugs I thought I didn't need BDSM any more, but early in My recovery I met a girl who was also interested in B&D, D/s and S&M. She and I experimented a lot, and after 2 years of switching I found what I wanted and have been Dominant ever since. That was in 1985.

In that time I've had a number of submissives, one other slave, and a few vanilla relationships. When My third wife left Me, one of the last things she said was, "Now you can go back to doing those disgusting things that you like to do!"

And I did.

Although I had been involved with other non-organized SM groups, My first experience with an SM organization was with the Triangle Munch Group. I met lots of like-minded people in a strictly vanilla atmosphere. While there, I was introduced to Le Chevalier Malfait. He told Me about TALON (the Triad Area Leather Oriented Network). A short time later, while discussing play socials and BDSM groups, Malfait and I came up with the idea for SSCN, (the Safe, Sane, Consensual Network, pronounced,"scene"). And until about 2004 I had been actively involved in organized SM-leather-fetish groups.

So involved, in fact, that in 2000 I received a Merlin Award for Leather/Community Outreach.

After coming to Texas I joined GWNN (the Group With No Name). For a while I was the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) liaison for GWNN, The DM Supervisor for a short time, and in 2001 and 2002 I was on the GWNN Election Committee.

During My first year in Texas I also became an active member of SAADE (An Austin area Dominant's group). Soon after joining SAADE I became their Chief Security Officer and DM Captain and a mentor in the Austin Mentors Program.

Part of My responsibilities as the SAADE DM Captain had been setting up programs such as the DM Certification class. This class, which goes over DM training and First Aid once a year, also holds three practicums throughout the rest of the year. Attendees at the various practicums are now, additionally, certified through the American Heart Association in First Aid, CPR and AED (defibrillators), and I was re-certified as a CPR Instructor.

Other responsibilities have included starting a "Train the Trainers" program, in which we help other local groups set up their own DM Certification Programs, an "Escort Service" to walk people that require escorts to their cars after munches, parties and other events and to form an all around "security team" to help out wherever the need exists, both inside and outside of SAADE.

I am currently separated from my fourth wife and last collared slave; and I am very interested in finding a new submissive.

What I want in a submissive includes, but is not limited to, an intelligent, witty, and fun-loving individual who likes to sit by My feet, sleep with her head on My shoulder, and keep My glass full of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper - with no ice. I like My bed made each morning. I am looking for that last call of the night -- somebody who wants to spend the last few moments of her day on the phone saying goodnight to me (or rolling over to tell Me).

she should enjoy the feeling of a signal whip dancing through her hair and stinging her skin, and the taste of a cold sharp knife floating across her body. she should enjoy leather and sports, and needs to appreciates My brand of Chauvinistic Chivalry.

Maybe someone who enjoys domestic submission. Someone who could possibly do some of the cooking. At other times she would be asked to take care of My needs, physically, mentally and anything else we can agree on. It would help if she also likes edge play and is comfortable at level six or seven of the 9 Levels of submission, but it's not a deal breaker.

If you'd like to know more about what it is that we do, there are plenty of wonderful reference sources on this web site. If you'd like to view the galleries or if you'd like to ask Me about anything, you're invited to do so.

I hope you enjoy your visit here.


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