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The History of SSCN (Safe, Sane, Consensual Network)

In August of 1998, after Le Chevalier Malfait and I had each thrown years of play socials at Our respective homes, We got together and discussed the formation of a group for the Triangle area of North Carolina. After many talks, parties, phone calls, trips to Greensboro and private discussions, We decided that it was time for us to set the wheels in motion for an endeavor We considered Ourselves the "Co-Conspirators" of.

We made calls and sent out emails and passed the word and invited various leather community members and leaders to the first planning meetings for what would later be called SSCN.

Everyone who was interested met at My house the following September. We selected a group of five people (Three Doms and two switches) for the original By Laws Working Group. The members of that original Working Group met weekly, using the existing TALON By Laws as a guide.

Once a month, the Working Group, along with the planning members and other interested parties, continued to meet to discuss progress and answer questions and seek input. The meetings kept growing, with people coming from as far away as Shelby, Charlotte, Rock Hill and New Bern. And we also wanted to have an excuse to have a play social.

Then in February of the following year, the Working Group came up with a final version of the By Laws, ready for approval. At that meeting, we also asked for suggestions for a name for our group.

Of all the suggestions, the one receiving the most votes, second to SSCN, was "The Secret Bondage Cabal". I am thoroughly grateful that "SSCN" had more support!

We also started collecting contributions and continued to have play socials. The By Laws were approved, a location for our Meetings was established, a place for Orientations was hammered down, a web server owner had offered to donate space on His server, and in March, nominations were held for a Board of Directors for the new Safe, Sane, Consensual Network. (The original Board members consisted of Three Doms and two switches; And we asked a sub, who was actually a co-writer of the TALON By Laws, to be our Official Consultant).

Orientations were held the third Saturday of every month, at 3 PM, at the Mellow Mushroom, in Chapel Hill. The Meetings were two hours later at a location known only to Contributors and potential Contributors (those who attended the Orientations), and Play Socials were held at 8 PM, following the Meetings, at locations known only to those that would be attending the socials.

Finally, on the third Saturday in April, coinciding with My birthday, SSCN had it's first official Orientation, Meeting and Play Social. The Board took over responsibility, and the Working Group disbanded.

The logo of the 3 hands, 3 colors and 3 shapes on each cuff, along with the latin wording underneath for "Safe, Sane, Consensual", was the brainstorming effort of Tigerlily.

Since that time, many changes have come about. Board Members have changed, people have moved away from Chapel Hill, venues have changed, SIGs were formed and amendments have been added to the original By laws. But the group continues to grow and gain support and respect in the leather community, and even though neither Malfait nor Myself are involved in the direction that SSCN is taking any more, I am very proud to be one of the original Co-Conspirators of SSCN, as I am sure He is. And We are both very proud of all the planning members, Working Group members and all the people who contributed to bringing about Our dream.


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